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  • In The Light Of Sunnah
    By Sheikh Hashim

    In The Foot Steps Of Our Salaf…
    Firstly what is wajib regarding(the knowledge of oneness of Allah )and His names and attributes...

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  • Women And Work
    By Bint Akram

    A Demystified Look
    One fine morning in the last summer vacation when my mobile phone rang.On answering i found my self speaking to a lady..

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  • The Concept Of Destiny
    By Khalid Zaki

    Refuting Atheis Through The Qura'an and Science
    This series of articles is meant to give a calculates reply to a certain number of confused,self-professed....

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  • State Of Our Society
    By Maulana Abdul Sattar

    When Faith is Complete?

    A Muslim does not complete or perfect his faith,until the qualities of good character are not found in him..
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  • Are we geared up for Ramadan?
    By Zawajah Farid

    A Rudimentary Checklist

    As the white and the dark threads of dawn untwine,sirens reverberate to break the quietness,announcing the closure of...
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Submit An Article

General guidelines for contributors

1. Try to advance a clear and strong thesis/ central argument.
2. Back up your thesis with points and concrete evidence that appeal to the target readers’ experience and cultural context. The vast majority of them are Pakistani but a growing number of them hail from the Middle East, Europe and North America.
3. In general, avoid a cynical or pessimistic tone. Likewise the bland exuberant ending ('If we do this, we will be able to regain our lost glory' etc) should also be avoided.
4. You are encouraged to draw examples and stories from Muslim history and culture. At the least, an Islamic or Muslim perspective is vital to justify inclusion in an Islamic magazine.
5. Standard rules of good writing have to be observed: be correct, clear, coherent and complete. Clichés must be avoided at all costs. Worn out expressions as well as tired arguments are painful to read. Avoid them at all costs.
6. In the publication itself, Arabic forms of the following are used but in your own submission please use the following abbreviations for the corresponding honorific blessing if and when needed.
Use SWT for سبحانه و تعالى
Use SAW for صل الله عليه و سلم
Use RHA for رحمة الله تعالى
Use RDA for رضي الله عنه
Use HA for حفظه الله
Use AS for عليه السلام
7. Published information used in your write-up must be properly cited though the name of the publisher or the year or place of publication need not be given. Page numbers are not required. Names of books must be given in italics not in bold or inverted commas. Information taken from the Internet has to be cited as well.
8. If you take up a controversial issue - if at all, treat it in a positive, tactful and non-polemical manner without inviting dissent.
9. Submit your piece as an email attachment using the .rtf / .doc file format.
10. In consideration of design and formatting issues your submission must fall into ANY ONE of the following word- ranges:
Range A: 1200-1500 words (1” margin on all sides; Times Roman font 12; about 2-3 pages single spaced)
Range B: 1800-2100 words (1” margin on all sides; Times Roman font 12; about 4-5 pages single spaced)
Range C: 2400-2800 words (1” margin on all sides; Times Roman font 12; about 5-6 pages single spaced)
If for example your finished piece of writing contains 1700 words, you must either clip 200 words or add another 100 words so that your submission falls either in range A or B respectively.

Please note that the first letter of all such non- English terms is a capital letter.

All contributions should be emailed to:

Wishing you enjoyable writing experiences!

Any of the above stated points are subject to change whenever the Editorial Team deems necessary.

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